Clinical Interests



Clinical Interests


Clinical Interests


Vestibular rehabilitation

Dizziness and vertigo can be extremely unsettling affecting all aspects of your life from the physical (balance, sleep, exercise) to the cognitive (reading, focusing) to the social. Vestibular rehabilitation offers a gateway assessment towards treatment by a physical therapist or a referral to the right professional that can help you.


orthopedic rehabilitation

A body with aches and pains is a body that has lived a life filled with movement. Whether you're recovering from a surgery/injury or have a nagging discomfort that hasn't gone away, a physical therapist in the orthopedic realm can help you reconceptualize your pain and increase your body's load capacity while your body heals itself.


strength and conditioning

Physical therapy and strength & conditioning lie upon a spectrum, where it is quintessential for an orthopedic physical therapist to understand S&C principles to properly rehab a patient. Working with a certified S&C specialist can help assure that you migrate out of the medical system and back to the activities that you love.







  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
    New York University

  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences
    University of California, Irvine

Continuing EducatioN


Vestibular and Concussion

  • Joined Swedish Medical Otolaryngology Grand Rounds (JUL 2018)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Concussion with Stan Herring (JUN 2018)

  • Concussion: Physical Therapy and Medical Management with Anne Mucha (APR 2018)

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vestibular Disorders with Jeff Walter (APR 2018)

  • 8-Week Clinical Affiliation with Mt. Sinai New York Eye and Ear: Vestibular Rehabilitation Department

  • NYPTA Introduction Vestibular Rehabilitation (MAR 2015)

sport, ORTHO, and S&C

  • 40 Years Behind the Whistle with Dan John (SEP 2019)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Groin and Hip Pain in Youth Sports: Diagnosis and Management (JUN 2019)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Challenging Cases (MAR 2019)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Long-term costs of quick fixes: What we can learn from athletes looking back on their injury care experiences. (DEC 2019)

  • ClinicalAthlete: Simplifying the Shoulder with Adam Meakins (NOV 2018)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Cardiac screening: Current recommendations and controversies with Jonathan Drezner (SEP 2018)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: ACL Injury Prevention Program- "Train the Instructors" (MAY 2018)

  • Medical Considerations in Athletes with Stress Fractures with Elliot Schwartz MD (MAY 2018)

  • Joined Seattle Pediatric Sport Medicine: Hip Task Force (MAR 2018)

  • Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine: Rowing Biomechanics with Erik Brand (MAR 2018)

  • Therapeutic Exercise Prescription for the Runner with Chris Johnson (APR 2017)

  • Joined The Runner's Zone with Chris Johnson PT (JAN 2017)

  • Functional Movement Systems: Functional Movement Screen I (APR 2016)

  • Zeren PT's Simplifying Treadmill Analysis (DEC 2015)

  • James A Nicholas Sports Medicine Symposium: Controversies in Sports Medicine (OCT 2015)

  • NCSA: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (SEP 2015)

Techniques and Conferences